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Re: S&G: Do you glass your wood coamings?

John if you're suggesting to glass the llp, I would suggest you help them with that. Wrapping glass around a coaming lip is probably the most challenging glassing chore there is. I did it once on a plywood llp and its an annoying chore to say the least. I'm not convinced that anything is gained over a few coats of epoxy. (we're talking about a plywood stacked coaming and lip). Most of my boats have the "Shade" upright pieces coaming or bent wood risers with bent wood lips. I glass the riser but just epoxy coat the lips. I did have one de-lam on the edge of a plywood coaming and I filled the de-lam with eopxy and clamped it. I think paying attention to maintenance is what is needed checking edges etc. which I don't do until it really needs it.