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Re: S&G: Do you glass your wood coamings?

I would suggest that they probably have a fair idea on how (deck layout and fitting out) SHOULD be done, from the deficiencies in their production boats.

You make some excellent points, Et.
When I made the comment about owning commercial kayaks, I was thinking mostly about wood core boats that don't have adequate or safe deck rigging - my usual rant topic! :-)

One of their boats is a P&H glass boat. When the owner was taking a paddling course, the instructor (well-known, experienced, with an excellent reputation) was checking the students' kayaks at the launch. He took one look at the 'rope loop' attachment of the bow toggle on the P&H, pulled out his knife and cut it! (Owner was shocked...) In a minute or two he'd re-rigged it as a single line attachment.

Another deck rigging data point, which I recalled when reading your comment about the GP: As I've been working on my ('high angle') stroke technique, I've noticed that my paddle is hitting the knots and bumps in the deck rigging at my knees on some boats. With more recent builds and rebuilds I'm concentrating on putting the attachments a bit further inboard, and I'm also using more 'low profile' line attachment methods.
So there's always room for refinement.