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Re: S&G: Do you glass your wood coamings?

I would suggest that they probably have a fair idea on how (deck layout and fitting out) SHOULD be done, from the deficiencies in their production boats.

Even custom boats, where one has put a lot of thought into exactly what should work for ones own specific requirements, can end up less than ideal. no production boat can possibly match a carefully thought out custom boat for personal perfection of layout in my view.

After 40 years at this lark I finally seem to be nailing the deck layout so that it really suits my needs. To be fair, I had it fairly ok, but then I changed to GP use, and my older boats were just a tad off again.

On my last two boats I thought long and hard and, so far, I have not found any forehead-slap deficiencies. Holding thumbs.

Deck layout can really muck up the look of an elegant boat too. Getting function and beauty to work out in this area is a fine balance.

These days, these little details of function are what keep me fascinated, and continuing to build. If one Maroske turned out to be poorly placed in my last boat, I get all fired up to try again.

Of course, I have to throw the, now imperfect, boat away.