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Re: S&G: Do you glass your wood coamings?

If I was building them that light I would glass them too. I'd glass them to the hull while I was at it. That is quite a small contact width with the hull.

I worked on a s+g petrel kit from Fyne Boats, and the CNC coaming riser was even less then half an inch. More like a quarter. It is a measure of just how accurate the CNC machines are. We filleted and glassed it to beef it up. It ended up feeling strong enough, but I would still not lift the boat by the lip, which I do happily with my coamings.

It was also quite fiddly to put together, as each ring was made up of short sections with the joins on the different rings staggered. Superglue was the solution to getting the rings joined together. No room for error though. Coaming rings are very wasteful of plywood, so I can see why the CNC guys do it that way. I make them in halves, and go through a fair amount of a sheet of ply.