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Re: Strip: dealing with epoxy runs

: Addicting you say?......Is that why I've already got plans for 2
: other builds? I'd love to go paddling some time. I do make it
: down your way on occasion. I'd guess we've got a good 3-4 months
: though to just dream about it with all the darn white stuff
: we've got around here.

: You might not want to give me too good of an idea where you live or
: I just may come down and set up up my North Star strongback
: right next to your Shooting Star one so you can help build
: mine:)...... I REALLY hope I'm getting all my learning and
: mistakes done on this first boat, so the NS comes out really
: nice!

So far only two .

I'm not talking about snow, had about 18" yesterday.

Bill H.