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Re: Strip: dealing with epoxy runs

: Make a list of what you might need down the road and when you're in
: a bigger town that does stock this stuff, pick up what's on the
: list. Takes a little planning.

: I'd bet though you can find it locally, there is usually a hardware
: store that the contractors frequent, even if they don't stock
: it, they can order it in and they pay the shipping.

: Screwdriver works, helps if it's fairly long and has a round shank.

: Bill H.

I'm sure trying to keep a list and buy stuff when I've got to head into MPLS / St Paul for work. Many of my recent need for purchases have been driven by my own mistakes, so they're a little tougher to plan for:). I sure have searched high and low for a reliable source of even basic woodworking stuff, and there just doesn't seem to be one around. You'd think in a town of 85,000 people, there would be at least one wood working store around....... Oh well. I'm learning as I go and acquiring a nice set of tools in the process (much to my wife's chagrin....). I do love this kayak building project even though I'm learning the hard way. It's easily the most fun and satisfying project I've ever worked on.