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epoxy runs - a better alternative
In Response To: Strip: dealing with epoxy runs ()

: Any good ideas for how to go about sanding out
: runs?

While a scraper is a great tool for epoxy runs - and I have a whole spectrum of them – I would call a long (say 10-12" single cut) flat file the easier and more useful tool for runs or bumps:

- The reason for this is that the scraper rides the very peak of a run providing varying pressure while a flatfile rides an average of the run peaks so that any digging in on the downside of peaks is substantially eliminated.
- Furthermore, the many cutting edges of the file compared to the single scraper edge means much less adjacent damage is possible at the moment the run is eliminated.
- As well, no sharpening or special technique is really required for the flat file.

Scrapers will do concave areas that flatfiles won’t do and they are useful for all the reasons that the others have stated, but for convex or flat areas with one bump to many runs – a flatfile cannot be matched in simplicity and ease of use and control of result.