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Re: Strip: dealing with epoxy runs

: Careful, it's addicting :)

: Btw, you're just up the road (sorta) we'll have to go paddling
: sometime.

: Bill H.

Addicting you say?......Is that why I've already got plans for 2 other builds? I'd love to go paddling some time. I do make it down your way on occasion. I'd guess we've got a good 3-4 months though to just dream about it with all the darn white stuff we've got around here.

You might not want to give me too good of an idea where you live or I just may come down and set up up my North Star strongback right next to your Shooting Star one so you can help build mine:)...... I REALLY hope I'm getting all my learning and mistakes done on this first boat, so the NS comes out really nice!