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They are covering their butts (legally)
By:Paul Jacobson
Date: 8/16/1998, 9:06 pm
In Response To: Re: Life span of epoxy? (Mike Spence)

> I got my epoxy (MAS) the other day, and received a brochure with
> it. In the "Frequent Questions" section it reads: "The
> resin has an infinite shelf life and the slow and fast catalysts have
> a shelf life of 1 year in a closed container.", while in the
> section describing the resin, it reads: "MAS Epoxy Resin will
> last a minimum of 12 months in a sealed container. Experience has
> shown the shelf life in most circumstances to exceed two years."
> What's going on?

Mike, this is the same message, only presented in such `legaleze' that they won't get sued.

Probably they have no real idea how long the stuff will stay good, but it is a long time, so they feel confident guaranteeing it for a year (the shelflife) and tell you that it will probably be good for a lot longer. Of course they have no idea how the materials were stored after they left the factory -- and that is probably the biggest variable.

When in doubt, mix up an ounce or two. If it eventually turns into a solid blob of plastic, it will stay as a solid blob of plastic. You might want to get a clock and time how long it takes to set. I wouldn't expect older resins and hardeners to set exactly as fast or as slow as they would when new, but it should be close. Of course, if your test mix never reacts or hardens, you do two things: . 1) Order some fresh materials. . 2) Dispose of the old materials in a safe manner. Call the local paint store and ask them how they dispose of hazardous waste like old paints. They should be able to give you a contact so you can follow the proper procedure for disposal of this stuff in your area.

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