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A good laugh
By:Paul A. Lambert
Date: 8/11/1998, 10:15 am

I build a lot of skin on frame kayaks. I like them and they are easy to build. However at times I get sloppy and get some funny results. You builders out there may like this one. I had not built a boat for about a year and had some epoxy hanging around in the workshop. I figured," what the heck," and used it on a frame I had just finished. Generally I will build the frame using screws and then take it apart and glue and screw it back together all at once. I had completed the frame for a new boat and after the epoxy set I took out all the screws, and went to work on something else. My back was to the boat and I heard a loud POP. I turned just in time to see one of the ribs begin to pop off. Then another pop, then pop, pop, pop, pop, and the entire boat, in a span of no more then 5 minutes, disintegrated into a pile of sticks on the floor. It was the closes thing to a cartoon I have ever seen in real life. I laughed for an hour. My only regret was I did not have the video camera in the workshop to record it. I sanded the joints bought some uncontaminated epoxy and it is a nice boat with a funny story hidden in it now.

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A good laugh
Paul A. Lambert -- 8/11/1998, 10:15 am
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Paul Jacobson -- 8/16/1998, 9:06 pm
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Mike Spence -- 8/16/1998, 10:33 pm
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Mike Spence -- 8/17/1998, 4:50 pm
Re: Life span of epoxy?
Paul A. Lambert -- 8/16/1998, 6:15 am