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Re: Life span of epoxy?
By:Paul A. Lambert
Date: 8/16/1998, 6:15 am
In Response To: Life span of epoxy? (Peter Schop)

To be truthful , I have no idea. I have never had the problem before, nor since. My guess why it happened was that, somehow, I had contaminated the hardner, but it takes so little epoxy to build this way that I just tossed it out and bought new chemistry.


> I guess it is better to laugh then to cry. But this brings up
> a good point. What is the life span of unused epoxy? I thought that
> I read that the resin and hardener have an unlimited shelf life. I
> have used epoxy that has sat for over a year with good results. If
> the resin starts to get cloudy, I put the bottle in a pan of hot water
> until it is clear again. Am I looking for trouble by doing this?

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