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Re: Life span of epoxy?
By:Mike Spence
Date: 8/16/1998, 2:54 pm
In Response To: Re: Life span of epoxy? (Mike Scarborough)

I got my epoxy (MAS) the other day, and received a brochure with it. In the "Frequent Questions" section it reads: "The resin has an infinite shelf life and the slow and fast catalysts have a shelf life of 1 year in a closed container.", while in the section describing the resin, it reads: "MAS Epoxy Resin will last a minimum of 12 months in a sealed container. Experience has shown the shelf life in most circumstances to exceed two years." What's going on?

Mike Spence

> I just bounced over to The minimum shelf
> life of their resin and slow hardener is 12 months, although they
> say they have seen no problems with the resin after 24 months.

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