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Re: Staple gun
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 6/25/1998, 9:11 am
In Response To: Staple gun (Phillip Kearney)

> I have to buy a staple gun .There are quite a few available and
> quite a few sizes of staples. The arrow brand T50 is available here
> but is quite expensive , so what are the general recomendations of
> the group, the project is a strip built kayak .Also what size staples
> ? Apparently you can also use brads as well this becoming confusing.
> Thanks Phill

I used the B&D PowerShot. It claims to reducing bounceback, which I think it does. It's comfortable too. I used 9/16 staples everywhere, even on the few places that I used them between stations. On those places, I wish I had used shorter staples--only because I stapled into the tip of my finger once. Talk about pain. I bled all over my nice wood.


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