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Re: Staple gun
By:Mac Buhler
Date: 6/25/1998, 5:32 am
In Response To: Staple gun (Phillip Kearney)

I use the Arrow T50M gun with Arrow Ceiltile staples. I think they are 9/16, but the box clearly indicates that it is the length for ceiling tile.

I use a Sears 1" electric brad gun for the first strip and for occasional strips that are difficult to hold in place.

But, I also have a couple of small furniture straps with a ratchet attached to one end. I use them to snug up those really tough strips. They are especially useful at the form to which the stem from is attached. Just put the strap around the from and crank it tight. The glue will dry enough pretty quickly.

> I have to buy a staple gun .There are quite a few available and
> quite a few sizes of staples. The arrow brand T50 is available here
> but is quite expensive , so what are the general recomendations of
> the group, the project is a strip built kayak .Also what size staples
> ? Apparently you can also use brads as well this becoming confusing.
> Thanks Phill

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