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Re: Staple gun
Date: 6/25/1998, 6:55 am
In Response To: Staple gun (Phillip Kearney)

Having had the, er, privledge of participating in some research testing of staple guns, I learned Arrow is about the most over rated stapler made. But by and large, they all work the same, last as long, and it's personal preference on what you like. I like the weird one myself, B&D's. I like its feel and action. However it's prone to spring problems and you regularly have to jiggle it to get the spring to reset for the next saple strike.

Arrow has brought out a new stapler that looks interesting. It's got what they claim is adjustable depth. It's targeted at electricians, claiming that you can adjust the gun so that it will staple wires against studs without crushing the wire. That could have some very nice implications for strip built boats if it works as advertised.

> I have to buy a staple gun .There are quite a few available and
> quite a few sizes of staples. The arrow brand T50 is available here
> but is quite expensive , so what are the general recomendations of
> the group, the project is a strip built kayak .Also what size staples
> ? Apparently you can also use brads as well this becoming confusing.
> Thanks Phill

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