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Re: Shearwater Baidarka
By:dick kirschbaum
Date: 7/17/2001, 11:32 am
In Response To: Re: Shearwater Baidarka (Greg Jones)

I am about 1 and 1/2 weeks from a finished Shearwater Hybrid Bairdarka...first boat I have ever built.

I built this from the Newfound Hybrid "Kit." Both Michael from Newfound and Eric have been very helpful in answering questions, especially when I screwed up.

The boat will be at the Rendevouz in September, I don't know if that is to late to help you make a decision.

I am 5'9", but "bulky", I weigh about 195. Anyway, there is plenty of room for me and feet in the cockpit.

The hybrid has a recess design built into it, I suspect that it would be easy to just skip the recess and enlarge the cockpit. Also if you use Eric's footbrace system, instead of side pegs, there is much more room for your feet, and they are not jamed against the sides of the boat.



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