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Re: Stretching
By:Don Beale
Date: 7/18/2001, 9:42 am
In Response To: Re: a thousand words (Don)

I set mine up with a single control line and a jam cleat between my legs. Using a 1/4" nylon line, I can stretch it enough to move my legs around quite a bit.

: Disadvantage I've found (and I am quite prepared to be told that I'm doing it
: wrong)is that I find it difficult to give my legs and knees a stretch
: after prolonged paddling (old injuries). The foot brace is difficult to
: adjust when at sea with a spray deck in place, so stiff knees have to stay
: that way until dry land is reached.
: The footbrace is very light and very strong too.
: Regards
: Don

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