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Re: Shearwater Baidarka
Date: 7/17/2001, 7:18 am
In Response To: Shearwater Baidarka (Fred Williams)

Hey Fred,
I'm in the middle of setting up my shop for my next batch-o-boats including the Sheerwater Bidarka.

I've got size 13 dogs to stand on. I'm building the 17 foot hybrid L version. This is a pretty common question about any kayak...."But will my feet fit?" Almost without exception most size feet fit in pretty much any of these boats.

Construction: The interlocking (fingered) panel system looks pretty easy to build. If your going pure stitch and glue it will be a very easy to build boat. Stripper decks are a little more time, but what a look.

For volume there are bigger boats out there, but there are much lower volume boats too. A 19 foot boat will give you more speed as well as cargo space.

As for handling I can't say other then what I have posted prior on this board. Biadarkas use water differetly then yaks, Those characteristics can be a real delight.

Good luck,


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