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Re: Leidy hatch hold-downs
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 7/1/2001, 11:44 pm
In Response To: Re: Leidy hatch hold-downs (Elliott)


The seal is important, but it's amazing how much downward force can be applied by the bungees. You can compensate for a less-than-perfect seal with tighter bungees, but you could make them so tight that the hatch becomes unusable. You've got to play around with the tension to get the right balance.

Choosing the right spots on the hatch cover to attach the hooks is important too. Try to keep them as close as possible to the edge - this provides the best mechanical advantage as well as making the hooks easier to reach.

I tried 4 hooks per hatch on the Outer Island (4 corners-ish) to spread the tension, but that made it harder to attach the bungees. I haven't decided whether or not to switch back to a single hook per side. I'm still evaluating.

The picture of the hatch lip construction on the Guillemot shows the duct tape, right? That was just for a mold release. 3M packaging tape would yield a smoother surface. Perhaps equating to better seal.

Feel free to email me if you have questions.


: Ross any tips on making them Bomb-proof as someone stated, other than your
: description on your web page? ie. what makes it bomb-proof? the layers of
: glass or making sure the glass is smooth to recieve the foam rubber?
: When you used duct tape on the edges would'nt epoxy on the edge first
: accomplish the same task? you were just trying to keep the black off no?
: or was that to keep it from sticking? AAAHHHH! sooo many questions....
: sorry Ross, lost it there for a second. Any help would be appreciated!

: Cheers, Elliott

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