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Re: Leidy hatch hold-downs
Date: 6/29/2001, 1:48 pm
In Response To: Re: Leidy hatch hold-downs (Ross Leidy)

: I'm a bit late to answer - I've been on vacation this week. Anyway, like the
: others who have posted, getting a good gasket seal (foam or other) is
: critical. The internal bungees are just icing on the cake.

: Ross

Ross any tips on making them Bomb-proof as someone stated, other than your description on your web page? ie. what makes it bomb-proof? the layers of glass or making sure the glass is smooth to recieve the foam rubber?
When you used duct tape on the edges would'nt epoxy on the edge first accomplish the same task? you were just trying to keep the black off no? or was that to keep it from sticking? AAAHHHH! sooo many questions....
sorry Ross, lost it there for a second. Any help would be appreciated!

Cheers, Elliott

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