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Re: Leidy hatch hold-downs
By:Robert Forsell
Date: 6/28/2001, 8:03 am
In Response To: Leidy hatch hold-downs (Elliott)

I've used the internal bungies for about two years and like it a lot. My aft hatch is water tight. The one in front is mostly water tight, not completely but close enough for me.

: Ross or anyone who has used his technique,
: How well do the internal bungees work. After having used them for awhile? Is
: this as waterproof as any other method? Any suggestions or comments
: appreciated.
: Ross, I love your site, wonderful craftsmanship. It is nice to have a
: reference like that bookmarked. It clears up alot of gray area in my gray
: matter.

: Thank you, Elliott

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