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Mobile home roofing material
By:Bart Castleberry
Date: 6/6/2001, 10:19 am
In Response To: Lookin' for Fabric/Vinyl (Rehd)

Try finding someone who does roof overs on Mobile homes. I just had pontoon boat cover custom made. The lady who made it showed me some vinly that was TOUGH!! she said it was what they used to repair mobile home roofs. Might be cheap to find scraps. It is very UV/chemical resistant.


: Hi All

: O.K., I gave up on the used swimming pool search and am now actively
: searching for the vinyl ( swimming pool ) material to make my floatation
: bags for my Walrus. Seems like someone mentioned Seattle Fabrics at one
: time, but thought there were more places. Need a couple of yards of vinyl,
: some tubes, glue and valves. Any sources?? Anyone make any bags in this
: fassion? I want to fill a large part of the front and rear compartments of
: my Wally with the bags and that's a lot of territory. Not interested in
: any sort of storage as it's basically going to be a day tripper and fun
: boat. I've got the deck beams all done and am working on getting some
: 1/8" Poplar Bending Plywood for the cockpit rim and coaming, but in
: the mean time, want to get some of the little stuff done. Thanks in
: Advance!! :)

: Rehd

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