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Re: Lookin' for Fabric/Vinyl
Date: 6/5/2001, 11:58 am
In Response To: Lookin' for Fabric/Vinyl (Rehd)

: Hi All

: O.K., I gave up on the used swimming pool search and am now actively
: searching for the vinyl ( swimming pool ) material to make my floatation
: bags for my Walrus. Seems like someone mentioned Seattle Fabrics at one
: time, but thought there were more places. Need a couple of yards of vinyl,
: some tubes, glue and valves. Any sources?? Anyone make any bags in this
: fassion? I want to fill a large part of the front and rear compartments of
: my Wally with the bags and that's a lot of territory. Not interested in
: any sort of storage as it's basically going to be a day tripper and fun
: boat. I've got the deck beams all done and am working on getting some
: 1/8" Poplar Bending Plywood for the cockpit rim and coaming, but in
: the mean time, want to get some of the little stuff done. Thanks in
: Advance!! :)

: Rehd

Rehd, If you are still interested in the swimming pool vinyl I can ask a friend of mine for some. He installs replacement liners for pools.


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