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Re: Vinyl in Mail ??
Date: 6/6/2001, 1:33 am
In Response To: Vinyl in hand (Elliott)

: Rehd, I have two pieces of vinyl Approximately 4ft by 15ft. Its yours if you
: want it.

: Elliott
: Ps. I guess I can get more, this is liner from the side. I can get liner from
: the bottom as well so it would be wider.

Hi Elliot

Sounds like a winner to me. :) The size really doesn't matter as I will be cutting it to lengths and widths to fit into the bow and stern of my walrus double/open.

I was out looking for a new shower curtain the other day and they had a sale on some cheapies, at 2 for $2.99. Now I'm not one to go buying things I don't need, I don't care how many for what..... but for some reason, my brain kept telling me.. Go ahead, buy two..... so I did. I got home and couldn't remember why in the world I did that, but every day I see them, I kept thinking .. there's something I needed that extra one for. ??? Then this afternoon, it dawned on me " Vinyl " I need the vinyl. But, I'm thinking that this will be too thin to be really safe.

So I'll email you and we can work something out for the pool vinyl. Any idea what sort of glue/adhesive he uses for this particular type material? And can I get it locally, say..... at one of the pool supply stores?

Oh, this wouldn't be any of that little " Froggy or Rubber Duckie " print pool liner would it?? :) Not that I'm being picky or anything, cause I'd use it regardless. Just thought I'd ask.

Sorry I got back to you so late as I typed the message out two times and lost it both times due to a faulty mouse. That one is now dead and I'm training a new one. :)


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