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Re: Lookin' for Fabric/Vinyl
Date: 6/6/2001, 1:48 am
In Response To: Re: Lookin' for Fabric/Vinyl (Robb)

: Rhed, I'm surprised you couldn't get materials from a swimming pool company.
: Did you try a residential pool maintenance company rather than a parts
: dealer? (The kind that send the pool boys out to vacuum the backyard
: pools) They are pulling out liners all the time. If you buddy-up to one,
: maybe they will call you the next time they throw a liner away. As for the
: valves, patches and such, try to find out who makes the replacement liners
: for the company. Most liners are custom made. Another possible source:
: perhaps a waterbed mattress dealer/manufacturer?

Hi Robb

No, actually there are several places around here that I might look, but this time of year around here, it costs $100 just to walk in the door of a Pool supply store. Maybe in the winter months when they are about to lay off every one of their Studly Pool Cleaners I might have gotten lucky and cut a deal. The thing I learned on the canvas deal was to shop in a market that isn't specialized for this time of year. Seattle Fabrics and a couple of others had what I wanted, but at a cost of around $140 for all I needed for this boat. Then Bill Price gave me a painters supply ( artist ) address and I ended up buying the same canvas from them for $67.00 and got wider wider material and an extra yard as well.

Also, one thing I found when I looked at a couple of throw-aways was that they had been sitting around for a while and were hardened and cracked, or fairly stiff. Not too reliable I would think, so I declined to go with that approach. I think I'll go with Elliots help and even try the shower curtain, or look and see if I can find other material a little thicker for the next one. Or the next. :)


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