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Re: Brands of Duct Tape
By:Simon Baillie
Date: 6/5/2001, 8:23 pm
In Response To: Brands of Duct Tape (Mike Hanks)

Hi all,

I worked at an adhesive tape factory for a while last year, and belive it or not but numerous brands of tape are all made at the same factory. I made tape for 3M many times, the only difference between it and other brands is the core. But having said that, not all rolls of duct tape are alike. If memory serves, we made no less than 7 different kinds of duct tape (in numerous colours). The differnces were thickness of the plastic, and quality of adhesive.

The best rolls of tape will likely be the more expensive ones. The tape that doesn't leave adhesive when removed, is one of the more expensive ones.

I have a roll of duct tape called black max, that is probably one of the strongest available. I used it to tape the sideview mirror back onto my car more than a year ago, and it is still holding fine. The tape was to be a temporary fix, until I glassed the mirror back on, but it holds so well I left it on. It doesn't seem to be affected by rain, or cold Canadian winters. If you want a roll for patching holes in a boat, black max would be the one.

To finally answer your question, I don't use duct tape for stapless construction, I use one inch fiber tape. I like it because I can put a lot more force on it to seat the strips well.

Happy building!


: What brands of Duct Tape do all you stapless stripbuilders use. I was using
: United Tape Company with excellent results.

: I ran out and started using Nashua. It left horrible residue, and pulled the
: wood with it when I tried to remove it. It did clean everything off of my
: fingers though, plus some skin. :0

: Can't find the United Tape Company brand now, so I picked up some Tartan, it
: looks similar. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping it will work better
: than the Nashua.

: What are everyone's favorite brands?

: Mike

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