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An addict speaks
Date: 6/4/2001, 8:57 am
In Response To: Brands of Duct Tape (Mike Hanks)

Hi my name is Russ and I am an unrecovering duct tape addict. I have at least one roll in every room in my house, in 5 colors. For Christmas 2 years ago I got a 12 step duct tape with drawl system. I only got as far as step 5. (carpet tape) My friends won't hand me a roll when I "need a fix" because they say its codependant behavior.

Mike, when your really all strung out and ya need a fix (or to fix) you'll take anything. Any drunk will tell ya that 12 year scotch is better then the cheap Thunderbird fortified stuff. But.... the simple truth is when ya need it ya need it.

The gourmet variety creme de la creme gray matter that holds the universe together is considered to be the original 3M brand. The gutter out front of my house is littered with empty rolls and my kids are awash in empty 3m cardboard rings. Alas I have spent the family fortune hoarding the gray matter. Its great for retaping diapers. Its put on the roll hot so its sterile and makes a great bandaid or replacement for stitches. It will Hold a tire together or patch 43 claw marks through the hull, of bears that have mauled a canoe. Makes great rainwear when your out with out a rain jacket. Why just last week I hauled a log out of the woods with braided duct tape cordage. And yes the stapleless construction application. To be honest I have found cargo straps to be real effective and reusable and often more effective, But duct tape has its place on my strong back. I feel confident if its around edgy and nervous and shaky if its gone.

Still when your sniffing the fumes from the cardboard of an empty roll and you still have the need....When your desperate for a fix you'll reach for everything and anything. Desperation will drive your tastes down ward. I can't say I brew my own adhesive (moose drool?) and weave my own fabric yet. So I can't say what home brewed Duct tape does for holding a strip in place. :D (LOL) What I can say is that in that moment of desperation The other brands are good. All rolls of duct tape look good at closing time (Hardware store is locked up) The sobering truth is Some are just plain terrible leaving marks from the adhesive and frayed weaves of the fabric. These are the cheap fortified wines of the Duct tape addict's world. They ruin lives, strain families, leave track marks its terrible.

In a pinch I like Tartan for automotive applications. Its adhesive is a bit thicker and seals better in hot engine hose applications etc. But lets remember that Tartan brand is culturally and genetically predisposed to its own lineage... scotch tape. United tape is good but does not hold as well in cold windy conditions. Duck Tape Brand is OK, and the marketing emblem is fabulous. But 3M is well... hand me another roll.


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