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Re: Brands of Duct Tape
By:Doug Kuik
Date: 6/4/2001, 9:33 am
In Response To: Brands of Duct Tape (Mike Hanks)

: What brands of Duct Tape do all you stapless stripbuilders use. I was using
: United Tape Company with excellent results.

: I ran out and started using Nashua. It left horrible residue, and pulled the
: wood with it when I tried to remove it. It did clean everything off of my
: fingers though, plus some skin. :0

: Can't find the United Tape Company brand now, so I picked up some Tartan, it
: looks similar. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping it will work better
: than the Nashua.

: What are everyone's favorite brands?

: Mike

I use packing tape. Gould or 3M. There was one brand I tried which liked to break just when I was getting the right amount of stretch (clamping pressure). I only know it was very low cost and was almost a mil thinner than the others. I don't use the most expensive either which is thick and very clear on the roll. It would work great but no reason to spend that much money. There are several advantages of using packing tape.

The duct tape works great for everything else.


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