Strip Built

Boat built using narrow strips of wood, edge glued together and covered with fiberglass

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And interested friends can also go and see them.
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Problems after long break

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I glassed the outside of my kayak in april, but the bproject stalled because of death in the family plus a lot of work and personal issues.

The kayak has been sitting in my workshop which is a non isolated garage tent. I now found the time to continue the build. My plan now is to scrape and sand the inside of the hull and build the deck right away since it is winter and too cold to work with epoxy.

On to the problem. The wood has been affected by temperature and humidity in such a way that it has gotten much wider and the forms no longer fit. What to do? 

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Yukon footboard and rudder

Submitted byRalph Merriman onMon, 10/04/2021 - 15:12

Hi All;

I am beginning the setup for one of Nick's Yukon racer/training kayaks.  This is the first single I have done that uses a rudder, and I am starting the hunt for a suitable rudder and footboard.   

Has anyone out there built the Yukon who could tell me what worked for you?   It looks to me like one of the SmartTrack rudders (Race or Ski) might be the way to go for that piece,  but the footboard seems a bit trickier because of the shape of the deck.  

I would appreciate any advice, especially if you had to make a footboard to fit your boat.