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Re: Strip: Hatch magnets *PIC*
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Just remembered I promised a follow-up on this…

The solution with the rectangular magnets came out really well. I used two different types:
25 x 5 x 5mm for the rims
25 x 5 x 2.5mm for the lids

since the hatches are only 4mm thick it was quite tricky to get the holes in place – drilling for a round magnet definitely takes a fraction of the time and sweat of what I lost here…

After trimming, the lip is only 1.5cm (1/2") and doesn't decrease hole size more than necessary.
The laminate for the lips ended up a bit sharp, cut myself a few times already. Will have to come up with a solution there.

However, my biggest discovery in the process was window insulating shrink film. This stuff is the most awesome, simple and affordable release agent! I used it to cover the hatch lids before laminating the lips and it also worked perfectly on the carbon coaming lamination. Just put it in place, put tape around the edges and then apply a little heat with the heat gun – takes a few seconds an all surfaces are wrinkle-free.