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Re: Strip: Hatch magnets *PIC*
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Like everyone else here, I have wracked my brains over hatch closure. To my mind rubber and plastic covers are a compromise alongside wood. I like hatches to be easy to access on the water too. I'm not crazy about the idea of ferrous metals in a salt water environment, some of my boats are over thirty years old, and I'm not sure magnets are going to last that long without rusting. I am old enough that I tend to have more faith in low-tech than I do in new-fangled notions.

The thin lip idea that came up a few posts ago seems like it is a step in the right direction regarding sealing.

In the end I always come back to the system in the picture, for speed and ease of access, built in tether, and hold down force. But it is best employed on curved or peaked decks. Not so good on flat or flattish decks, where an internal bungie, though harder to access, is probably better.

The lumps required are also a negative when one wants to revarnish, but not a major one.

One of thes days the optimum hatch closure system is going to be developed by someone on this forum and, like the Maroske fitting, it is going to be named after that person, and his or her name will me immortalised for posterity and be held in reverence for all time. I look forward to that day.