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Re: Strip: Hatch magnets
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Can you provide some details on how you make the recess to open the hatch? I assume you have to shape that into the wood before its glassed. Do you have to add extra wood below the recess? How easy are these hatches to open?

I really like the look of this, but am wondering how it looks if the wood is left natural. My strips are only 3/16" thick.

They're really simple. After you glass the deck and cut out the hatches just sand some divots into the deck. There is no extra wood below the recess. The lip for the lid backs up the divot.

Here's the full order:
- Glass the inside and outside of the deck like normal.
- Cut out your hatches.
- Laminate and attach the lips.
- Shape the divots with a sanding drum on a drill.
- Seal the divots with an extra layer of glass and epoxy.

You can seal the divots with a few coats of just epoxy but why not laminate on a piece of scrap glass.