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Re: Strip: Hatch magnets *PIC*
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Thanks by no thanks. I doubt I'll ever use them again. My biggest beef with them is the size of the lip required to hold the magnets. You call to use 3/4" diameter magnets. That's great for holding power. Fine. You don't want to drill too close to the edges so figure you leave an 1/8". Ok. Plus another 3/8" for the gasket (all dimensions estimated naturally). That makes a lip that's almost an 1-1/2" wide! That chokes off the opening by a full 3" in each direction. No thanks. Your picture shows it beautifully BTW.

That's why I like internal bungees. The only lip required is the one for the gasket. It can be as narrow as a 1/2" making a more usable hatch opening.

While your system may work fine, the reduction in the opening size is a something people should consider.

Looking back at it, over the past 9 years I think I've installed just about every kind of hatch out there: wooden lids with magnets, wooden lids with internal or external bungees, Beckson and Bomar deck plates, VCP rubber hatches. Even none! What have I missed? Each design has their strengths and weaknesses. I'm also a firm believer that every hatch lid should be tethered.