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Re: Strip: Flotation bag

: Hello All,
: I have solved my current headache. NRS flotation bag---

: Thanks to all,
: Douglas
Good choice on the flotation!
I've been using flotation bags from (no longer in business) Mariner Kayaks in our boats here. Once nice feature of those bags is the long fill tube (4 ft on the bow bags, 2-3 ft on the stern bag) - you can top them up easily.
George Gronseth (Kayak Academy) sells bags of that type @$55 - I picked up a set last week.
Arranging an extension to the tube, or replacing the tube with a longer one, should be easy work if you can build a kayak.

BTW, there's an excellent article on flotation by Matt Broze at
Pull down the 'Manuals' menu on the left sidebar.

IMO, you are much safer without that bulkhead w/o hatch access. Even with a bulkheaded compartment, I'd put a float bag in there for day trips.