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Re: Strip: Installing forward bulkhead without a h

: Yost has a good how-to if you're feeling crafty and want to make
: your own.
: Most kayak shops sell them. and NRS has a nice on line web site w/
: a whole section on Kayak floatation.
: You can never have too much floatation, esp. if your heading to
: moving water.

: I'm not up on my solvents. but be careful. don't gas yourself in
: there!!

Hello Lance,
Thanks for the "leads" for flotation.
I just thought of a way to possibly clean up the mess I made. Buy a mop and dip it into a solvent and scrub away... I will try to contact 3M technical support to ask what solvent I should use.

After my previous effort, I will never again crawl into a space where I don't fit...