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Re: Strip: Installing forward bulkhead without a h

: HELP; Building a kayak without a hatch and the deck is already
: installed. I made a mess crawling inside hull to instal a
: forward bulkhead. I got the 3M white 5200 adhesive/sealant in
: all the places except where it belongs and almost suffocated
: cause I got stuck in there. I managed to pull the bulkhead out
: and there remains a huge mess inside the forward part of the
: hull at station 5 to about 18" toward cockpit with the
: white gunk.. I cut another station 5 bulkhead - hot glued a
: handle to it so that I could reach in to try and hold it in
: place - I squeezed out the gunk along the front edge of the
: bulkhead and used a yard stick to shove the gunk along the
: outside edge to glue and seal her. I made more of a mess. Please
: offer me some suggestions on how to approach and instal a
: bulkhead. I also bought a large block of "closed cell
: " foam that could serve as an alternative for a bulkhead,
: but again HOW?.

: I did not cut-out the hatch because of poor eyes and shaky hands
: (72 yrs old).
: Any help would be appreciated. I would be willing to pay for
: someone experienced to come and help me finish this project. I
: live in San Jose, Calif. My email is

: Thank you

Hello All,
I have solved my current headache. NRS flotation bag---Denatured alcohol saturated towel on a broom stick.
I called San Diego re. Debon Corp Marine Formula. I can't use it as I would still have to lay into it with a rag and rub it off then neutralize it with denatured alcohol.
I managed to rub off the adhesive/sealant up to 3ft forward of the front of cockpit with that stick and towel with the denatured alcohol, could not go deeper because the broom stick would bend. The denatured alcohol worked because the 3M 5200 that I used was the permanent formula which requires 7 days to cure today is 2 1/2 days so the adhesive was still semi-soft. Whew!
Thanks to all,

My thanks to all for the suggestions hew!