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Re: Where and how to install skeg
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: I think maintenance and repair access might outweigh the ideal
: position with the skeg box.

: ALL skegs need servicing once in a while. You want it so you can
: get at it through your back hatch. Most commercial boats have it
: 3/4 the way back behind the cockpit to stern. It gives you
: storage space yet allows access to it. I wouldn't obsess too
: much over the exact most perfect position because it's different
: on every hull according to the shape. The few I have done I use
: glass tape plus a filet of thickened epoxy to attach the box.

Thanks for the advice to everyone.. I think I understand how to use the thicken epoxy/fillet on the inside of the hull. I am concern on the external hull; How do I handle this situation with a plastic skeg box? Do I mask off the skeg opening and fiberglass/epoxy round it. Maybe I need to first make the plastic box extend out and grind it flush to the external hull, or just make the slot opening big enough for the skeg blade? ie.. the box is pretty thin...