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Re: Strip: Where and how to install skeg

: Hey Builders:

: I am building a Guillemot L, and in the next few weeks I will be
: installing a skeg. I researched this forum and other sites and
: determined I want to use one of the Kajak-Sports I
: ordered and received the 520101 skeg directly from Finland. I
: ordered the lipless version.

: Questions?

: 1) Where is the best place to put the skeg on the keel line? Is
: their any guidelines or distance from waterline
: bow or stern, or distance from the cockpit or a ratio compare?

: 2) What is the best way to install the skeg? ie... I haven't
: attached the deck yet! I see folks using dookie schumtz/ epoxy
: putty on the inside. But what about the outside bottom of the
: hull. I thought to cut an accurate slot, and epoxy the skeg
: slightly proud, and then shape down the skeg to the hull. But
: the Kayak Sport skeg is thin and made of plastic!

: Any ideas would be appreciated.

: Thank you

: Kevin

Btw, might do a search on this forum of posts made by Reg Lake.

Bill H.