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Re: Where and how to install skeg

: Here's what I would do - (Just opinion)

: I would trace the opening on the box and cut it out a bit larger
: than the box. Perhaps by a 1/16" or less so the box can
: loosely slide in an out.

: I would saturate the opening with epoxy and wrap glass cloth from
: the bottom around the opening sealing the cut out wood.

: Sand and roughen the box plastic along the bottom. place it in the
: opening flush to the bottom and duct tape across the bottom
: protecting the opening. Then with an artist brush, paint in
: unthickened epoxy around the opening from the inside of the
: hull, filing the gap. Once it hardens, you can put on some glass
: on the inside and a filet.

: In other words, I would have it flush to the outside. Wether you go
: flush or float it on the wood thickness, I think you would be
: fine either way.

The advantage to having flush is that you're better protecting the edges of the wood that otherwise would be hard to glass. Glass doesn't much like wrapping around hard edges.

Bill H.