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Re: Where and how to install skeg

: Here's what I would do - (Just opinion)

: I would trace the opening on the box and cut it out a bit larger
: than the box. Perhaps by a 1/16" or less so the box can
: loosely slide in an out.

: I would saturate the opening with epoxy and wrap glass cloth from
: the bottom around the opening sealing the cut out wood.

: Sand and roughen the box plastic along the bottom. place it in the
: opening flush to the bottom and duct tape across the bottom
: protecting the opening. Then with an artist brush, paint in
: unthickened epoxy around the opening from the inside of the
: hull, filing the gap. Once it hardens, you can put on some glass
: on the inside and a filet.

: In other words, I would have it flush to the outside. Wether you go
: flush or float it on the wood thickness, I think you would be
: fine either way.

Again, thanks for all the advice. This is exactly the information that I was needing