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Re: Tools: A lesson in table saw safety

I did not use rollers any time I've cut strips. I use tables made from 8 foot pieces of 3/4" chipboard. Just support them on sawhorses or stools, or whatever you have that can be "shimmed" to the right height. I've got rollers. but they are not as convenient, especially for the outfeed. You also want tables on both sides for beading and coving. The tables make it easier to gather the strips from each board together. I alway tape the strips from each board and letter or number them all the same. Then it is easier to match strips side to side.

: Oh, I do realize that. I'm also realizing that the I don't have
: rollers to support either end of these 16' lengths (Dad had a
: pair somewhere, but they've gone AWOL). I should also have a
: helper. The only handy helper is my wife... anxiety prone,
: chronic worry-ier, with a healthy paranoid level of distrust of
: power tools.

: I'm thinking marital bliss will be having the local lumber yard
: doing the ripping. *grin*