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Re: Tools: A lesson in table saw safety

: Everyone seems to have to have the same comments afterward.
: Something to the effect of "That was dumb" and
: followed up by something like "It just happened so
: quick!"

: In my case I was cutting scarfs using a sled (bad, bad, BAD IDEA)
: and the cut off vibrated across the sled into the spinning
: blade. I was reaching across the front of the saw to do
: something, just as my hand came in line with the blade the
: little cut-off was launched. Never found the cut off or the
: missing parts of thumb for that matter. But it healed up and
: only a Nurse will notice it isn't quite right.

: Always had a high respect of the Table Saw and was careful, I just
: didn't see what a bad idea the jig i was using was.

I had one of those jigs, also has the same problem though my hand wasn't in the way (nor any other body part), after your experience I cut that jig up and tossed it. Now I use the band saw for that, far safer.

Bill H.