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Re: Tools: A lesson in table saw safety

: Rather thought the same thing, but I'm a NASCAR fan, too. I'll
: admit that there's a little part of me that watches races for
: the wrecks.

: My father and I never used the table saw to cut strips or small
: dimensions of anything, usually ripping a board in half or what
: not. There was just the fence. As a result of reading similar
: threads on the forums, I'm wishing we had... so I'd have been
: able to see fingers, splitters, etc. in action. He never
: mentioned 'em, either.

: As things stand, I'm wary of ripping the 16'
: stringers/gunwales/keel for my Yost kayak. The more I read, the
: more I think I'll talk to my local yard and see if they'll be
: willing to rip them to width . I'd be more than happy to pay an
: extra charge.

Table saw can be fairly safe, just have to follow the many safety precautions every time. It's also not the best tool for every job. For cutting long strips though it's about the ideal. It does take some set up to do it, but it works quite well for doing that.

Bill H.