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Re: Tools: A lesson in table saw safety

: Never hand any luck with the bandsaw. The blade always wants to
: shift when it first touched and wood and would start crooked. I
: bet my 3/4" blade would work but to much trouble to change
: it out. Once I get my 30" saw rebuilt I suspect it would do
: better.

: My new Table Saw jig is such a HUGE improvement I Just use it. So
: far I am extremely pleased with it and there is no set up, just
: adjust the blade height and go.

I use the 3/4" blade for this work. Once you get used to changing them it doesn't really take that long, maybe 15 minutes on the outside. The wider blades allow for a much higher tension on them so they don't bow out of shape easily at all. Downside is that 3 tooth per inch blade is scary as heck when you first go to start it :) (btw, didn't want to use the heck word )

Bill H.