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Re: Off Topic: Website authoring software

Years back it was common for you to get a page that said (being worked on or under construction) but not anymore. Now you build the site on your computer and if it runs OK, you upload it to the server. If you want to change a page, you do that on your computer and up load that page and it automatically replaces the old one with the same name (like any file). You're talking about free sites where you┬ have to build it with their software on their site and save it there kind of thing. My site is only $19. month for the hosting. So, unless you want a family website with family pictures, why not just control it on your computer.

I know artists who go to a speciality server with templates so they┬ can have cookie cutter site that serves a purpose for a particular group with no real effort to create anything individualized. And that's perfect for many people. However they are not free either. You never have the site pages on your computer but have to do changes on their construction site and then save them. They get you trapped into loyalty.