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Re: Off Topic: Website authoring software

: All suggestions appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Do you have a web site provider? Check first with them. The company which provides my websites offers a couple of free development tools, including one with pre-designed templates. They also provide some basic help with working these tools.

For a VERY simple webpage you can use Microsoft Word and save the page as an HTML document. Since you seem familiar with Adobe products, you might check out their web design program, Go Live. I use that at a very basic level--just as an FTP program to get my text and pictures out of my computer and onto my webspace. it does much more, but I haven't learned it yet :)

I've been posting lots of illustrations on my website jsut so I can link them to responses I post on this forum. One of these days I have to get them organized and indexed, so I'm looking for a good software option for this, myself. Up to now I've been using hard coded HTML for a few trials, and it is slow to get started with, but not difficult. Google HTML commands and you can find a lot of introductory info in some very easy to read formats. Once you use the glossaries from these sites to help you decode what each HTML tag means you can take a basic page template and tweek it to suit your needs.