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Re: Off Topic: Website authoring software

: Sorry for the OT, but an hour's searching the web has not
: enlightened me. A number of you folks have done your own
: websites. I'm looking for a recommendation for Macintosh website
: authoring software powerful enough for a sophisticated
: professional site (my wife's real estate brokerage and my
: photo/design business) that stops short of requiring HTML coding
: knowledge. I'm pretty able on the computer (Photoshop,
: Lightroom, and Indesign are practically an operating system for
: me) but don't want to take on the full HTML thing at this stage,
: hence I'm ruling out Dreamweaver for now. Freeway, Create,
: CompoZer, et al have me thoroughly confused, so I'm hoping to
: leverage the experience of this board. I think that at this
: stage, a template based product might be a good bet.

: All suggestions appreciated! Thanks in advance.

: --Scott

Hi Scott

This is very useful as a browser ans on-the-fly editing suite for off the cuff site building and quick maintenance of rapidly changing sites,

My fun site is built with it. It is free and should be one every mac users dock.

For more arty projects I use "freeway"

It is mac specific and works more or less like a page layout program. You can drag and drop, resize, drop in text and convert to graphics, almost anything you want, and when you are happy it will optimize and convert to html for you while retaining the original for easy editing and reloading. With or without templates and it has the benefit of master pages.

It is inexpensive and can do almost anything you want include html if you so desire, Linking etc is also easy and quick. is built using it.

I highly recommend Freeway for fancy sites. especially for the arty bits. You can always create quick photoshop galleries etc in other applications and insert them as subdirectories or even mini sites within the overall site, for the throw away sections of your sites.