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Re: Off Topic: Website authoring software

: Sorry for the OT, but an hour's searching the web has not
: enlightened me. A number of you folks have done your own
: websites. I'm looking for a recommendation for Macintosh website
: authoring software powerful enough for a sophisticated
: professional site (my wife's real estate brokerage and my
: photo/design business) that stops short of requiring HTML coding
: knowledge. I'm pretty able on the computer (Photoshop,
: Lightroom, and Indesign are practically an operating system for
: me) but don't want to take on the full HTML thing at this stage,
: hence I'm ruling out Dreamweaver for now. Freeway, Create,
: CompoZer, et al have me thoroughly confused, so I'm hoping to
: leverage the experience of this board. I think that at this
: stage, a template based product might be a good bet.

: All suggestions appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Might check out some of these WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors..

Tony Olsen