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Re: Other: bad back paddling strategies?

: Hey Mark,

: I've got similar issues with my back. I think the key to relieving
: pressure on the spine is core strength. This is doubly true for
: kayak paddlers as powerful distance stroking is the result of
: good core strength and motion. You mentioned you were in
: therapy. I went through back therapy as well and found that it
: took about two months to be back to 100%. Since then, so long as
: I am keeping up on my exercises, I feel good.

: Eric

For me, since I started getting serious about paddling, I've not had a serious issue with my back. Sure it hurts on occasion, but doesn't disable me like it once did.

I too have to work on technique all the time, proper rotation makes a huge difference and is awfully easy to quit doing it without thinking about it. Using the GP too made a big difference, much less shock loads to the bod.

Bill H.