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Re: Other: bad back paddling strategies?

: I've got a couple of mildly bulging disks in my lower back. It
: doesn't really hurt while I'm paddling, but sitting in general
: makes it unhappy the following evening. Everybody is different,
: but I'm wondering if anyone else here has that problem and has
: found ways to minimize discomfort that works for them. I do use
: one of those elastic braces and it seems to help. Any other
: ideas.
: Mark

I've got almost continious back pain, for me sitting isn't problem it's standing still for long periods. I'd highly agree with Mike, spend some serious time working with the medical people specializing in this.

That said, stretching exercises before you even leave home helps much and specially before you enter the boat.

Paddling correctly with the right equipment helps much too, if you just sit and paddle you're not doing your back any favors, done correctly, according to my doc actually can help with the pain by strengthening the muscles and taking the load off the spine. Lessons will help much, rotation and pushing off with your feet are things that people think they are doing and actually arn't.

Bill H.